LARA and membership applications

Dear fellow HAMs,

first of all I must apologize that it takes some time for me to respond to your applications of membership. It’s just that my priorities in life has changed and I rarely take time to engage with LARA activities, that includes issuing memberships and/or licenses.

There hasn’t been much interest in the past to form sort of a council or a group that would form a core of LARA. A group where tasks like handling requests, or organizing some events would be distributed among members of the group. Thing is that from it’s beginnings everything in LARA has been based solely on voluntary base, as LARA also never charged anything like membership or license fees. Maybe that sort of incentive would help members to take this organization more seriously. But on other hand LARA and me as it’s founder can’t provide services that normal national Amateur Radio Association would.

Liberland currently is still internationally non-recognized county or entity that lacks access to its claimed territory. And unfortunately it seems that it will stay that forever.  LARA was formed in hope to unite HAMs that are interested in exotic, obscure places or an idea of a new country or nation and as part of that also its own Amateur Radio Society. As a long time close follower or part of the project named Liberland I have noticed that this original idea of new country has been steadily slipping away over years , so I began to lost interest in the project itself. Not that I wouldn’t like the original idea,  but it became something that I didn’t subscribe to. And in this state as Liberland currently is, I also didn’t want to make false promises to my ham community. It’s hard to lead and promote a part of a project which LARA is, if you are not aligned anymore with a project as a whole. That is also one of the main reasons why I wasn’t so responsive  to your application requests. I recognize that was wrong as you where having expectations and didn’t knew why they weren’t met.

I hope you now understand at least a part of position where LARA stands currently.
I will still respond to your requests for membership, but please understand that it can take some time to respond to them. As for licenses goes, I don’t know, if it’s fair to issue them, as they are practically useless. Issued callsigns are probably not legal to use on the air anywhere in the world, and since Liberland’s path has been leading away from original idea of statehood there is even less reason to have them. If you are anyway still interesting in getting callsign please write me I will see if there is enough of interest for 1L callsigns.

Best regards, 73,
Gregor Kocar, founder


First 1L licences has been issued!

It’s a pleasure to announce that first Liberland Amateur Radio licences has been issued to our 29 members. Congratulations to all and may your new callsigns serve you well.

As you probably know Liberland is still not fully recognized among other countries and isn’t member of ITU – International Telecommunication Union. Despite this fact our members are encouraged to follow international and local regulations that deal with radio communications. In order to receive a licence and with that a 1L callsign, member of LARA has to be licenced amateur radio operator in his home country or any other country, that is member of ITU. This ensures that people are already educated about technical and operational skills and knowledge that is needed in order to operate amateur radio station.

Liberland Amateur Radio licence is linked to existing amateur radio licence that operator already have, giving them 1L callsign and right to operate from Free Republic of Liberland.  Liberland Amateur Radio licence is only valid with presence of reference licence (previously existing one).

LARA provides Callbook where you can query 1L callsigns and check what is operator’s reference callsign. No other personal information is publicly available through callbook to preserve privacy of our members.

Liberland Amateur Radio licences are equipped with QR code that links to web service (cra.lara.ll.land) where  authenticity and validity of licence can be checked.

Licencees are encouraged to respect regulations and ham spirit while operating on the band.

Gregor Kočar, 1L4K
LARA manager



In search of members & forming a council

Dear visitors, dear fellow hams,

I would like to invite you to join newly formed non-profit organization called LARA – Liberland Amateur Radio Association, where our aim is to create society of amateur radio (hamradio) operators, techincal enthusiasts and civil defence members from all corners of the globe. Organization which is based in also quiet newly formed country of the world – Liberland, has been created out of interest of group of people who wanted to create new and more conneced worldwide community of amateur radio operators and techincal enthusiasts.

LARA and its purpose

laraPurposes of LARA are firstly to represent Liberlandian Radio Amateurs in relation to other organisations inside Liberland and abroad, to form a society where our goals are techincal educating of our members and  mutual assistance between each other based on friendly relations. Secondly our purpose is to participate in emergency & rescue operations when our assistence is needed. Thirdly to organize or co-organize activities like radio contests, tech meetings, etc.

We also seek connections with other amateur radio organizations worldwide.

LARA and Liberland
Liberland flag

LARA is based in Liberland, which goes hand in hand with amateur radio philosophy – to connect people independantly of their location. Liberland is a new country and also new nation in creation, whose people come together from different parts of the world, to create new community, which is uniquely formed and not necessarily bonded to its geographical borders. Therefore for such widespread nation there is a need to communicate on long distances, educate among ourselves about technology and science and in case of emergencies offer our support.


LARA is also connected and cooperating with LLRC – Liberland Red Cross, to form civil defence union.

Formation of council

LARA is still in process of forming it’s council, so we would also like to invite you, if you are interested, to join its council. Please contact us for further information regarding this.

LARA manager,
Gregor Kočar, 1L4K/S53SL


Liberland radio prefix – 1L

Each country or separate territory have it’s own prefix, so the most logical thing to do was to select prefix for Liberland. Prefixes are usually assigned by ITU – International Telecommunication Union, but since Liberland is not yet member of ITU, we decided that we will adopt temporary prefix for use till or if Liberland will become member of ITU. We will also put efforts that prefix would become recognized by some international organization like IARU, CEPT or ARRL.

There are already cases of such types prefixes being used on radio bands, so our ham society isn’t first that went through same path. Most known examples of them are:

  • S0 – Westrn Sahara
  • 1A – Knights of Malta (SMOM)
  • 1S – Spratly Islands
  • 1M – Minerva Reef

After some time and consults, we have chosen prefix for Liberland.
It’s our pleasure to announce that
official temporary radio prefix for Liberland is: 1L


Disclaimer: Callsigns with prefix 1L will be issued by LARA and can be used only inside territory of Republic of Liberland. Usage outside of Liberland is not advised and should be in accordance with local laws and regulations of country radio station is operating from. LARA doesn’t take any responsibility for operating in conflict with the law.


DXCoffee.com: Liberland, is a new DXCC being born?

On 29 April 2015, there have been new article published on portal dxcoffee.com which is dedicated to DX-ing. It describes newly created country – Liberland and potential to become possibly next DXCC country. Later on (25 May 2015) article was updated with answer to letter that Gregor (S53SL/1L4K) have sent to IARU president about operating from Liberland.


Check the article for yourselves:

Liberland, is a new DXCC being born? [Update]