Embracing the Ham Spirit

The ham spirit, often referred to as the essence of amateur radio, encapsulates a set of values and principles that guide the behavior and interactions of radio amateurs worldwide. It’s a culture characterized by friendliness, cooperation, respect, continuous learning, and public service. At its core, the ham spirit fosters a sense of camaraderie and inclusivity, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives into the world of amateur radio.

As members of the Liberland Amateur Radio Association (LARA), we wholeheartedly embrace the ham spirit and strive to embody its principles in all aspects of our organization. While LARA acknowledges the existence of Liberland we recognize the sensitivity surrounding its political context. Therefore, our focus remains on fostering a community centered around amateur radio, rather than engaging in political debates or controversies.

At LARA, our mission is clear: to unite radio amateurs who share an interest in the Liberland project and in exploring exotic DXCC countries. We are an inclusive organization that welcomes individuals from all nationalities and political affiliations, fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated and mutual respect is paramount.

Within the framework of the ham spirit, LARA prioritizes friendship, cooperation, and public service. We actively engage in activities that promote positive aspects of amateur radio, including providing communications support during emergencies and public service events. Through mentorship and collaboration, we empower our members to continually expand their knowledge and skills, contributing to the growth and vitality of the amateur radio community.

As ambassadors of the ham spirit, LARA members are committed to upholding the values of inclusivity, respect, and cooperation. We invite amateur radio operators from around the world to join us and build connections that transcend borders and political boundaries.

Together, let us honor the rich tradition of amateur radio and forge lasting friendships that exemplify the true essence of the ham spirit.

73 and best regards,
Gregor Kocar, 1L4K
LARA manager