About LARA


LARA – Liberland Amateur Radio Association is non-profit, nongovernmental organization based in Republic of Liberland, which mission is to connect and represent all Liberlandian Amateur Radio Operators and radio enthusiasts.
Its purpose is:

  • technical education,
  • friendship building,
  • participation in emergency & rescue operations,
  • organizing radio contests and
  • seeking international acceptance among other amateur radio and humanitarian organizations.

LARA management board:

  • Gregor Kocar, 1L4K (S53SL) – gen. manager
  • Edmondo Conetta, 1L0VE (VA3ITA) – HF manager
  • Leo Schuler, 1L0LIB (HB9TGK) – VHF manager

HQ callsigns: 1L0HQ, 1L1L

Liberland Amateur Radio Association
Danube st. 2,
Liberland, Liberland
Email: info@lara.ll.land


About Liberland

Location – QTH