Become a member

How to become LARA member?

become-a-membe2rIn order to become a member of LARA, you can apply for one of the categories mentioned bellow:

  • Licenced Radio Operator
  • SWL or radio enthusiast

If you are Licenced Radio Operator, you have to provide a copy of your radio licence, upon which we can issue you Liberland Radio Licence.
Person without licence can become supporter without licence.

Apply as Licenced Radio Operator

radio-announcer-clip-art-150945If you are already licenced radio operator with valid radio licence, you can use this form to apply for membership in LARA.
You are requred to provide certain information and photocopy of your Radio Licence.
For further steps you will be then contacted via email. *
*Please understand it can take a while to get reply from us. LARA operates on voluntary bases and we don’t charge any membership fees.

Apply as SWL or enthusiast

personWe welcome everyone. Even if you don’t have valid radio licence you can join association to see what is going on, learn form others and share your knowledge.