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Reactivation of LARA

I would like to inform you that recent progress in ability of accessing the Liberland territory has also lead to reactivation of LARA. This means LARA got new purpose and 1L prefix will finally be able to be used by amateur radio operators to activate Liberland on radio waves.

In LARA we are still looking for volunteers to form a proper council and redistribute tasks. If someone is willing to join the council, feel free to contact us.

I will do my best to respond all pending membership requests as soon as possible. As for radio amateur licences goes, I will also issue them to members who haven’t received them already. Most of already issued licences expires next year in June, so then you will be able to prolong them. If someone had already renewed their primary licence from your home country, please notify me, so I can correct that in database.

Among some early members of LARA we are discussing about activation on the land itself. We will be happy any of our members to join as well. You can contact me via mail or via Facebook.

Since 1L prefix and Liberland is not well known among radio amateur community I also invite you to spread the message about our existence and our mission. Share it on forums, your local radio clubs and associations etc. That way we can spread awareness and reduce confusion and suspicion.

Since we don’t want to be seen as radio pirates, we also have Callbook, which can be used to check which 1L callsign is assigned to which other already existing callsign. We don’t provide names or any other personal info about our members publicly due to privacy concerns. But callbook should be enough to figure out who is standing behind certain callsign.

For now we will continue issuing 1L callsigns only to existing holders of amateur licences in their respective countries, as we don’t have means yet to train new ham radio operators.

When using 1L callsign I’m asking you to follow well known rules and guidelines among HAM community. 1L callsign should be only used from inside the Liberland proper, since Liberland is not member of CEPT agreement. It is anyway allowed to use your existing callsign while operating from Liberland proper, by adding 1L/ in front of your callsign e.g. 1L/N1MM. We should also follow bandplans of Croatia and Serbia.

Accessing Liberland

Official border between Croatia and Liberland hasn’t been properly established yet, due to fact that Croatia hasn’t yet recognised Liberland, so there is a certain procedure to access the land. First of all you should announce your arrival https://border.liberland.org then follow a guidelines provided by Liberland govt. As of writing this, there are 2 main ways how to access Liberland: by land or by boat. Accessing Liberland by land is for now only allowed by foot or on bicycle from this starting point (45.809342, 18.817596). There is another way: going there by boat which is organised twice a day from Batina marina (Cro). You should have Schengen residency or visa to access Liberland since you will be entering from Croatia. Also note that Croatian authorities can check your identity any time while being around or in Liberland proper.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.