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Liberland radio prefix – 1L

Each country or separate territory have it’s own prefix, so the most logical thing to do was to select prefix for Liberland. Prefixes are usually assigned by ITU – International Telecommunication Union, but since Liberland is not yet member of ITU, we decided that we will adopt temporary prefix for use till or if Liberland will become member of ITU. We will also put efforts that prefix would become recognized by some international organization like IARU, CEPT or ARRL.

There are already cases of such types prefixes being used on radio bands, so our ham society isn’t first that went through same path. Most known examples of them are:

  • S0 – Westrn Sahara
  • 1A – Knights of Malta (SMOM)
  • 1S – Spratly Islands
  • 1M – Minerva Reef

After some time and consults, we have chosen prefix for Liberland.
It’s our pleasure to announce that
official temporary radio prefix for Liberland is: 1L


Disclaimer: Callsigns with prefix 1L will be issued by LARA and can be used only inside territory of Republic of Liberland. Usage outside of Liberland is not advised and¬†should be in accordance with local laws and regulations of country radio station is operating from. LARA doesn’t take any responsibility for operating in conflict with the law.